Obama To Center

Posted on June 7, 2016 By

During the primaries Obama defeated Clinton from the left. Today in competition with McCain both rotate toward the Center. Still considered one of the most liberal Senators he gained weight within young, pacifist, professional and African-Americans. However, today he wants to stall in permeable sectors to conservatives who questioned him by: wanting to withdraw from Iraq when they are winning the war; wanting to engage in dialogue with Iran with which this would be strengthened and enajenarian to new Governments hawks in Germany, France and Italy; reject NAFTA; wanting to raise taxes on the rich discouraging investment; have had for two decades as a pastor at a black nationalist; his ties with the Palestinians and Muslims have been flattered by Castro or Hamas; etc. To counteract this Obama recently disowned his pastor, put as his economic advisor to someone who is on your right, was hard against Chavez and declared that Israel must follow United under Israel and that it would not take unilateral action before NAFTA. Original author and source of the article..