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Many sounds and music by The listening tour complete classical to jazz. So the Rhine from the sofa is possible with the 3 CDs: man sitting relaxed in your own four walls, listening to the voices and music and enjoys the stories told. Who is planning a trip to the Rhine, can use the CDs as a preparation, and who already knows the Rhine, can relax, lean back and remember longingly. The Rhine. An acoustic journey between Basle and Rotterdam. A listening pleasure with many original interviews, legends and music by Reinhard Kober, Silja Tietz and Matthias Morgenroth speaker: Roland Renner, Harry Kuhn, Marianne Graffam 3 CDs, runtime 240 minutes ISBN 978-393-6247-81-7 price 24.95 or 36.90 sFr reference are the CDs in German bookstores available or as a download. For more information, samples etc.,. Press contact for further information contact please: Dr.

Matthias Morgenroth, geophone holiday in the ear, Friedrichstrasse 95, 10117 Berlin Tel: 030 20644985, fax: 030 20644986, E-Mail:. The publishing house, the Berlin audio Publisher geophone-holidays in the ear produces travel books to the various destinations for over 10 years. Released CDs over more than 30 destinations including New York, London and Istanbul and Cuba, Scotland and Hawaii are already. The production team of geophone include mainly radio journalists of ARD and speaker, who is a name made in the Horfunkt, as well as in the synchronous area, including Oliver Rohrbeck, Michael Fitz, Peter Sodann, and Norbert Langer. In addition to the travel books, geophone produced since latest also guides that lead the listener through the city via Smartphone. For more information,

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