Original Relativity

Posted on February 18, 2017 By

When Einstein formulated the theory of general relativity it forgot to place some important concepts that the theory would complete generality. One of these concepts would be the inversion of values in the relation space and time, where the certainty is that the time is something of dimensional value, where each dimension them 14 discoveries has its way to count the time. The space where it has the variation in accordance with its chronology in relation to the time, where it can have space in bilionsimo of hundredth or the time can manufacture the space in its accurate and real form. All these concepts dumb the theory of the relativity of Einstein in the ample concept of that the space and time are something that is intercalated with the divided clock of the dimensions of the universe and that one makes the other, the time the space and the space the time. Everything this in the sample that the universe widely is constantly modified by the mechanisms of space and time in its dimensions and not only in the physical plan. The mind of Einstein found what the material side proves but it lacked to the side spiritual since all we are body and spirit..