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When one speaks of American College Basketball (where does the largest percentage of players entering the NBA), the most prominent universities such as Duke, North Carolina, Georgetown, Maryland, UCLA, Syracuse, Indiana, Michigan and many other more is come to mind. And when we refer to academics, we will surely mention Harvard at the top of the list. But nobody associated Harvard with successful programs in sports. Or at least in basketball. Jeremy Lin, a novice of 22 years who signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors for two years, becomes the first NBA player graduated from Harvard in more than 50 years. Lin was presented to the past NBA Draft, although he was not chosen by any team. Anyway, it was in some teams summer camps and several sets were interested in his services.

Finally, it was Golden State who hired him. His salary this season will be around $500,000. Lin is a combo guard (a base that can play both owner base and aid or escort) of 1.90 meters. Its origin is Asian; born in California, his parents were immigrants from Taiwan. With his arrival in the NBA team that has always been fanatical, the Golden State Warriors, Lin has become a star (even without having played a minute yet) among Asian fans of Oakland and San Francisco (call Bay Area in California). But his path to the place where today is was very difficult. Despite having carried his secondary school, Palo Alto High School, to the State title in 2006, Lin did not receive nor a single tender of any NCAA Division 1 University.

Even after having demonstrated his game and what he was capable in his four years with Harvard, no NBA team chose him the night of the NBA Draft. Asked why she thinks that happened all this, Lin does not rule out that his ethnic background have played a dirty trick. There are not many Asians playing in the League and usually people don’t associate Asians playing basketball (at less than high level). Perhaps I can help break that stereotype, said Lin in an opportunity. On what we can expect from Jeremy Lin on an NBA Court, its former technicians and colleagues have described him in the following manner: a highly intelligent player, who knows the game to perfection and who knows exactly what needs to be done in every moment of a match. He knows better than anyone else read the screens. It has great desire to and not fears no rival, whoever you are. By Alejandro a. Sanchez worked as NBA reporter for various media in your country. During season 07-08 toured the United States and each of the stages of the NBA documenting the experience on a blog on ESPN Deportes, denominadoo the path to the NBA.In turn, Alejandro is professional referee of basketball in his country since 1998 and FIBA referee since 2008. His taste for sports journalism and his passion for the NBA decided to create, a site of basketball in Spanish which main goal is to bring the NBA to the great community Latin American.

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