Pasquale Aquino

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Finally, you could see people always just in front of the head. “His appeal: you get crystal clear certainty about your future tenant.” Landlord protection index provides the decision-making from certainty create about the tenant in PES: the landlord protection index launched by him could make a valuable contribution to Germany, Matthias Heissner is sure: our database is constantly growing through information from affected owners. Negative information be entered here regularly about tenants who have been breach of contract. This works as an early warning system just as regards rent nomads, moving from apartment to apartment, without ever paying a red Heller for it.” Often, a judicial enforceable titles in Liege against such brazen rental Preller. This fact will noted in the file such as first name, name, date of birth, place of birth, place of the last lease and filing or judgment number of decision. Landlords who are members here, can be accessed under certain conditions on this data. Alone this decision increases safety quite enormously, for anyone who has to rent an apartment and more.” Pasquale Aquino the landlord protection index Germany compares with the work of other, long-accepted test method: each, at a Bank for a loan please, be clear that then automatically at the Schufa will asked the meaning of this protection will seriously doubted by anyone. Also should tenants be aware that landlords in the VSK re make sure whether against a candidate something the a viable rental Liege before, preclude could. We understand the sensitivity of this data and handle it responsibly. “Whoever as a landlord it a natural or legal person insight wants to have, must be registered with us as a member, not only, but also a legitimate interest to prove.” That was the case, he could check with the VSK in, the aspirant on the apartment actually was the reliable tenants, he purports to be.