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The biggest commemorative date in bad the whole world finished and the commercial employee sector it Brazil already this if preparing for the next dates that put into motion the whole world establishments commercial. The sunday of Passover without a doubt is a date in which the profit is certain, therefore the Passover egg demand the records of the previous years surpass all generating a good increase in the invoicing of this sector. In 2011 it could not be different and what one expects is a superior performance to the one of 2010, having as it has detached is clearly the Passover eggs. Passover this year is in day 24 of April, but for who this involved one with the production of these wonders for Passover already is if moving therefore the sales they are great, making with you manufacture that them if they anticipate to give account of the deliveries that if inciam more than with 30 days of antecedence approximately. The factor that collaborates for the manufacture of products for this date of the year is the competition that is each time that passes this assirrada one and who to leave in the front in the demonstration of its products already goes to be in the front. Another great factor that makes Passover this between better dates I deal for it is the generation of casual employments, that increases considerably at this time of the year. The majority of the jobs generated in Passover is in the area of Passover egg manufacture, but also salesmen and promoters of sales are opened vacant for. The year of 2011 goes to come with excellent egg offers of Passover to give of gift, then it uses to advantage aportunidade of this great date and I sat down the person who is important for you with the most delicious chocolates of Passover..