Pentadoc Study Confirms: ECM Is On The Way To The Cloud – But It Is A Long Way!

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Over 18% of companies use cloud services in the area of document management and enterprise content management (ECM). This is done at most companies in the area of archiving. For the bulk of existing ECM users (27.27%) the use of cloud services is out of question. In the previous non-users, however, there is a high demand facing cloud offerings. “Cloud computing, so the advanced approach of the long known software as a service” (SaS), is now on everyone’s lips. According to the market research firm Gartner, it is the Buzzword 2010 and keyword of CeBIT 2011.

Therefore, it is little wonder, then, that the cloud in the ECM segment is offered. Nearly all ECM vendors now offer solution packages in the cloud and the industry seems so already in the age of the cloud arrived. But how far have the user dared the step into the cloud and where is it in the ECM environment ever implement? With these issues, a recent survey by Pentadoc radar, at 224 companies used deals and to possible Use planning around the cloud in the ECM environment were interviewed. The cloud for many previously only a buzzword currently DMS or ECM functions in the cloud only to a minor extent used. So, nearly 18% of companies use the survey according to individual ECM services from the cloud. Most (40%) performed the archiving outsourced here. The almost 82% of existing ECM but not cloud users there is still a noticeable reluctance. Outsourcing of DMS – / ECM services not at all in question comes almost one-third (27.3%).

The remaining respondents interest manifests itself in very different areas, why no clear usage priorities can be derived. While the most popular above all collaboration (15.7%), archiving (14.9%) and Web-content-management (14.9%), the areas of output management, the electronic file solutions come and around workflow/BPM very little in question. Educate yourself with thoughts from New York Museums. Significantly more interest shows but for the companies, the so far still no DMS – / ECM use, the introduction of plan but in the future. Only 15.8% of these companies generally exclude the use of cloud services. 36.8% of the companies, however, can well imagine, for example, an archiving in the cloud. Christoph Tylla, analyst of Pentadoc AG, adds: it is understandable that companies which have investments yet not for hardware and software in the field of ECM, open face the topic of cloud and the related billing models. But we also expect existing ECM users with increasing demand. Ultimately the solution offers and the transparency and attractiveness of the related billing models for the success or failure will be crucial.” Particularly important aspects are data security (62.0%), a simple introduction (47.9%) and low total cost (47.9%) for the company. It remains so exciting, which provides solutions in the market and be taken like this. All survey results together with a consideration of the expected pricing models and developments, available shortly as a study in the shop by Pentadoc radar available. Supplied through PENTADOC RADAR with the Division PENTADOC PENTADOC radar the German ECM market with detailed market data, market researches, technology studies, whitepapers, benchmarks, etc. thus PENTADOC RADAR the gap information of major research houses in the broad spectrum of the ECM market. The focus is on the German-speaking world. PENTADOC radar is divided into four areas: 1 business research 2. laboratory / certification 3. consulting 4 events ( contact PENTADOC AG Jorg Skalecki marketing & product manager place the unit 1 60327 Frankfurt, phone: + 49 (0) 69 97503-482 fax + 49 (0) 69 97503-200 E-Mail: Internet:

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