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However, we must bear in mind that Meucci cues are available, for the most part, based on very strong players. Not all at once we become established. Why the market demand for a pool cue in a wide range of weights from 17 to 22 ounces, while the optimal weight for the highest impact force has been known for quite long? Why is a healthy weight is 17-18 ounces? What prevents to achieve even higher speeds, reducing the weight of the cue to a level less than 17 ounces? The answers to these questions – at the conclusion of the article. What weight is recommended for the cue novice amateur game of pool? In general, this is a very individual choice: it all depends on player's physical condition, the learning environment and regular classes. Everyone must first verify your choice in practice, guided general principles. In the most general case, to start a game of pool cue should be weighing at least 19-20 ounces.

Only the most gifted person can immediately achieve stability in the game without the aid of a light cue, coach. Common man It takes time and practice to ensure that coordination and precision movements are sufficient. Until this is achieved – a light cue can lead to gross errors and volatile game. Impact force has no meaning without accuracy. The heavier the cue smooths motion sloppy novice player who is unable to provide a soft touch the cue ball and smooth tracking.

Inertia weighted cue here is an ally, albeit an extremely reduced achievable rate shocks. For some time, the novice makes sense to sacrifice speed and strong screws, but to win in stability. With increasing skill, the player must play a more light cue. But if the game practice is irregular, perhaps it would be better to continue to play a cue originally chosen weight.

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