Power Within

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– Control: He is able to persuade the patient to follow the procedures determined by him. – Power: He is able to accelerate and to bring about the change, in his patient, towards an a positive direction. – Humanity: therapist is itself involved in the therapeutic situation. One is interested in the patient in a personal and affective plane. – Commitment with its profession: With the concomitant experience of its continuous development, its compression and capacity. All the considerations before described throughout Theoretical Marco, take to reflect on the difficulties that present/display the people in their interrelations with the others, within our society, situation this that some measurement could be improved by means of the training of assertive conducts, that as well cause one more a more authentic communication with itself and the people to that they are related; being possible thus to maintain more productive and effective interactions.

Starting off of this, the interest arises to know as the group work could influence the development of assertive conducts and therefore a valid communication in the students. Within the group psycotherapy one of the approaches that keeps major relation with the assertive training is theory gestltica, whose fundamental principles promote the integral development of the man, the authentic expression of their feelings in here and now, as well as the ability to emit conducts with these feelings and/or emotions. On the other hand, the techniques applied within the psycotherapy gestalt allow to a great variety of group experiences and experiences in the present, that facilitate the taking of brings back to consciousness of problematic the individual ones, as well as of the possibility of handling them or of modifying them. It enters these techniques stand out ” ” techniques expresivas” ” , which facilitate the increase of assertive conducts when communicating.