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The new trend is called Day Spa. The cosmetic spa treatment for at home. Welcome to the future of skin care. Many electronic beauty treatments are based on the principle of the iontophoresis. This procedure, on the medical allows the large absorption of nutrients through the skin using a weak, electric Gleichstroms.Viele beauty salons offer these treatments starting at 75 Euro.

Whether a deep cleaning is desired the skin, wrinkles or tightening the body silhouette, with this method you keeps the maximum treatment effect. Handy devices applying at home are the latest in electric beauty. Nu Skin there is the computer mouse large “Galvanic Spa System II” for face, neck, decollete, arms, abdomen, hands, hair, scalp and body (cellulite). It arbeittet with self-regulating galvanic currents that carried the ingredients of ionized gels specifically designed into the depths of the skin. The home treatments leave the skin Shine, it is smoothed out and better blood circulation. Behind an unprecedented scientific research and development apparatus is skin Professional Advisory Board and Harvard University with over 125 tenured scientists and universities such as the Stanford University School of medicine, the nu. own/’>Harold Ford Jr. The company Nu Skin enterprises, is one of the global leader in the sector of recognised product innovations and patents.