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"I believe in individual people, I see the salvation of individual persons, scattered all over Russia here and there …" Anton Chekhov "… The notion of individual crowns the whole system of psychology," Leontiev INTRODUCTION The problem of the human person posed long ago. In the Socratic times it was no less relevant than it is today. Many sciences are seeking a path to person. The problem of human beings is common to all humanities.

Their solutions offering psychology as a whole and its various branches. All of her research in human cognition converge in personality psychology. Each of the branches of psychology at the proper orientation contributes to the knowledge of the person as an individual mode of operation and basis of various groups of people, from family to society as a whole. As a result of these multiple and diverse contributions of established and developing psychological personology (personalistika), with its concepts, theories, methods and practical applications. Identity issues are pivotal place in psychological science. This is due to the overall growth trends in human culture and the role played by identity in functioning of the psyche, human life and activity. The idea that personality is the highest value, and sold within psychology itself, where the personal approach is becoming more universal, more common.

In recent decades, the idea of personality are more closely associated with humanistic psychology. In this manual, the relevant ideas are analyzed in relation to the views personologicheskimi AF Lazursky, S. Rubinstein, Erich Fromm, Abraham Maslow Personality in modern psychology is regarded with various parties.

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