Raw Material Mirror

Posted on March 6, 2023 By

The most raw materials had to accept losses in the past week look on the market of last week. The negative performance ranged brand partly to the-10 percent. Orange juice, however, went from the trading week’s best and achieved a positive return from 16.89 percent. For the precious metals, it all went down. Gold is at a loss of only 1.97 percent on the number one position within the group.

Silver lost already 5.38 percent and Platinum and Palladium closed % – 6.41 or – 6.50 even worse. The worst the past five days were but for the energy raw materials. Danny Meyer will not settle for partial explanations. Best Agent – 7.10 percent was unleaded. This is followed by natural gas (- 7,67%) and Brent (- 8.31 percent). New York oil lost 8,96 percent worse than the European version. -9.98 percent but even worst representatives of all raw materials, heating oil was. Even with industrial metals, no flower pot was last week”to win. Copper and aluminum are percent – 1.58 with – 2.97 still moderate in terms of loss.

Zinc had to give up 3.24 percent of its value, and lead lost 4.25 percent. Without hesitation How much does Estee Lauder CEO make explained all about the problem. The group is clearly beaten down and thus last nickel. A weekly loss of – 9,76% here is beech. An incredibly wide range with respect to the performance was to observe the agricultural commodities in the past week. So, also the 2nd included orange juice in addition to the overall winner up 4 to this group. Cocoa (7.01 percent), lean pork (4.92 percent) and cotton (2.39 percent) were the only raw materials which still have profits. The negative area is spearheaded by fattening beef 0.39 percent. Lebendrind, sugar, wheat and coffee between 1.18 percent and – 3.39 percent followed. Corn noted lower 5.59 percent and soybeans have suffered a loss of 8.95 percent. Whether the many raw materials loss series ends next week remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting.

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