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I wanted to finish, dessert, feature on the browser “browser 100 anys per la Costa Brava” the Catalan Federation Cultural Heritage i i Maritim River Sea and The Friends of the last organized to commemorate Easter the centennial of the Costa Brava. We had the honor of Sant Isidre aboard, a traditional fishing boat in the early twentieth century America followed in sailing, invited by our good friends Catalans Joan and Martha. Magneto returns to his intentions of global domination, but the X-Men and other heroes oppose it again. In his most daring attempt at conquest, threatening the governors of the world with earthquakes and volcanic activity.
Despite not having a sink on miramientos Russian submarine which then attack and cause a volcano in the city of Varykino as revenge, if given time to a mass evacuation before the lava devastated the city. It also is impacted when they overthrew the bereaved teenager Shadowcat. Loaded with guilt, having almost killed as a young mutant, Magneto ends its global domination and attempts to reconsider the direction his life has taken.
Later, Magneto discovered that former members of the brotherhood Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are their own children, but when you try acercarseles, they reject it and refuse to forgive.
Magneto is combined with Professor Xavier and the X-Men when a group of heroes and villains are abducted by Beyond, a nearly omnipotent being shortsighted, but frustratingly, into an alien world to participate in the secret war (Secret Wars). This surprised many of the other heroes who still believe he is a villain.
After the secret war, Magneto is transportation back to their base, Asteroid M, where the alien Warlock, traveling to Earth, the asteroid hits, destroying it to pieces. Magneto is sent back to Earth and into the Atlantic Ocean, suffered serious injuries. Lee Forrester, the captain of a fishing boat, the rescue, helping him recover from his wounds together and share a little romance.
Having already recovered from their injuries, Magneto is required to help the X-Men to fight beyond, who had returned, so it stays with the X-Men (even after being beaten together). His association with the team softened his views on humanity and Magneto surrenders before the law and stop its crimes.
A special court is organized, and choose cancel all charges against Magneto before his “rebirth”, taking into account that it had reconstituted the figurative death of the old Magneto. However, the court was interrupted by an attack of Fenris, the twin sons of Baron Wolfgang von Struck. Fenris is defeated, but Professor X is almost led to the death in an effort to battle injuries and pre-established. Xavier asks Magneto to take command of their school and the X Men, and tells him to do so, adequately compensate its past crimes. Magneto agrees and chooses not to return to court. In contrast, took command of the X-Mansion in the character of Michael Xavier, Charles Xavier’s cousin. Seeing his efforts to change, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are beginning to accept as her father.
While Magneto makes a substantial effort as director of the New Mutants and an ally of the X-Men, your lease is disastrous. Is forced to deal with the death of all young students, the New Mutants, and his traumatic return to life after being killed by Beyond. Is manipulated by White Queen, director of the mutant school rival, “The Massachusetts Academy” to combat the Avengers and the Supreme Soviets. Magneto has a new process, but uses mind control circuitry salvaged from the remains of Asteroid M to alter the views of leading it. As a result, is finally acquitted of the past.
Magneto is not artfully takes the decision. Feeling desperate measures to be taken after the slaughter of the Morlocks, Magneto and Storm join the Hellfire Club and was awarded the position of White King and King Gray. he can not prevent their students Roberto Da Costa, and alien Technarch Warlock fleeing the school, the presence of death of young mutant Douglas Ramsey and attests to the apparent death of all the senior X-Men on national television. Magneto expels Sebastian Shaw of the group, in order to establish itself as the head of the Hellfire Club, a move that alienates the New Mutants permanently. However, it appears rapidly losing interest in the Club because of the endless intrigues among its members.
Seeing that the conditions for the mutants become progressively more dangerous, Magneto begins to seek allies to protect humanity from mutants. Participating in acts of vengeance by such renowned villains as Doctor Doom, Mandarin, and Wizard. It also faces Red Skull, a Nazi criminal, which takes revenge Magneto buried alive. Working with the U.S. intelligence agent Nick Fury as well as a number of Russian operators in order to restore peace in the Savage Land. Tired of the constant state of tension, Magneto builds a second orbital base where it hoped to live a life of quiet isolation.