Reina Sofia

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Public works machinery is immense and Goya-other types of fences act as miniskirt inverted exhibiting them in half which I claim transient. Heavy and long strokes, but with the precision of a scalpel, us are leaving 100 km of new tunnels matching every day on the streets more than 800 ditches of repair and improvement of water, electricity, phone and gas lines. 55 Existing tunnels you will be also added another 20 of the M-30, also including two intermediate stations between Atocha and Chamartin artery main traffic of Madrid, both underground and outside-. For this reason, the Puerta del Sol takes months taken by booths of works. We will add the work of reform of the Prado Recoletos, the creation of a large space of priority axis pedestrian between Columbus and Atocha around the three major museums (Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen), will rise also in the ancient sport of Real Madrid the greatest skyscrapers of the capital: four towers of more than 200 meters and finally although with economic fights between government agencies enlargement of the metro to the airport. This without counting with the horrific images that are assuming dismantling of the blown Windsor building works has not much. In the same newspaper, but the 18-01-2005 we have competitive enthusiasm of another work aimed at the same goal: none of the four rivals in Madrid – New York, Paris, Moscow and London – has airport only five kilometres from where the Olympic village will be. This proximity, linked to connections by subway, commuter and road, allows the city to present the best possible projects in the transport section.

Madrid 2012 want, moreover, that yours are a few games without private vehicle to be so respectful with the environment.