Return Debit Note In Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Offenbach, 06.02.2012, K2-consult. For the confiscation of the invoice amounts are referenced like the direct debit procedure. Just as companies with a large number of invoices i Offenbach, 06.02.2012, K2-consult. For the confiscation of the invoice amounts are referenced like the direct debit procedure. Is just as companies with a large number of bills but what if a customer just at the time of the contribution withdrawal is not sufficient funds on his account this automated form of the contribution collection very important? Microsoft Dynamics AX provides support for many companies is the direct debit procedure the method of choice when it comes to the confiscation of invoice amounts by all sectors away. The procedure significantly saves time and money compared to the shipping invoices and checking of incoming payments. Still, there’s a catch here, too: the account of the customer at the time of the collection of money has not the required cover or other reasons that prevent the catchment, so, it comes to a chargeback. These must be recognized, assigned to an account and therefore a customer and the customer again the contribution be made.

A number of customers and invoices, which includes several hundred, this is already a critical factor in financial accounting. Here offers the integrated ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX support. When a bank statement as a file in the system is imported, is automatically checked for chargeback. Which cases can be different here? Reads the bank statement in the ERP system, so be brought the identified backs directly to the customer’s account in connection, reopened the original documents, blocked the accounts receivable for all other bookings and fees incurred from the return debit will be charged further. This lock can be solved only manually, after a clerk has decided how to do customer with this. It so the case may be, here often caused debits and thus a lot of administrative overhead. Return debit notes, which can be related to a specific customer in connection, get on the screen, recording”a flag.

So, the clerk knows that he must take the trouble to look for these customers. Also here are the fees from the process already and can be charged on the customer. Why can the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX identify all debits? That depends on just the information, supplied by the Bank and sometimes lack some of the necessary information for a correct identification. Better informed the Bank, the easier it is for the administrator. All in all a lot of time-consuming work this feature decreases the clerk and supports the efficient control aspect in terms of the ‘quality’ of customers, members, etc. If you have any questions about the procedure or the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX, then we inform you gladly. Just contact us or visit our Website… About K2-consult GmbH: K2-consult advises and supports systems SAP SMEs informed and fair during the introduction of the ERP system ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Press contact: K2-consult GmbH Andrea Schon Kaiserleistr. 41-43 63067 Offenbach am Main Germany 069 / 25 62 74-0

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