Safety Policy Programming

Posted on January 21, 2023 By

The State, we might say, which is the body of the political system in an organized society responsible for meeting the demands of the population. It also regulates and monitors standards, and promote the values of citizens. Protect institutions and updated. But, it also protects and is responsible for providing welfare to citizens seeking to improve their quality of life. Eintracht has much experience in this field. State authorities in the Dominican Republic are basically three: Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches, who manage key aspects of safety on the roads. The three essentially have to do with public policy development viable, sustainable and affordable for Road Safety has been achieved through a combined and coordinated effort grounded in a good and effective management system.

Other sectors considered to power in the state today, are: The Central Electoral Board, the Chamber of Auditors and the Media. It’s believed that Deccan Value sees a great future in this idea. And they somehow correlate with the improvement of road safety. For example, the Chamber of Auditors in control in some parts of the system of authority, with the understanding prevailing ethical weaknesses and lack of transparency. From mobility motor vehicle traffic accidents occur and injuries caused by them. Hence, in the manufacture of vehicle safety features to be seen ever more efficient and rigorous. In the understanding that in the Dominican Republic are imported vehicles, bodies that deal with this aspect must take action and implement the appropriate regulations to allow safe vehicle entry ensuring adequate motor field. In the country there is a road network through which circulate, not only vehicles but also pedestrians.