Sound Insulation Barriers

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Put the crate outside lining (can be used floorboards, wall paneling, fibreboard, etc.). On the inner sides of the insulation vapor barrier membrane fix (IZOSPAN or ordinary plastic wrap). Obsheyte the inner surface of the wall boards, gypsum sheets, plywood or paneling. INSULATION AND SOUND INSULATION BARRIERS Attenuation material used to frame the partitions must have low density and high absorption coefficient. This fully satisfy the requirements of the board LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT and LIGHT LAYNROK. Mounting steps: Install the rack frame in increments of 500-600 mm.

Set the mineral wool LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT or LITE LAYNROK vraspor in space between the uprights. The thickness of the sound-proof layer should be from 50 to 100 mm depending on the level of sound insulation. Obsheyte framework of plate or rigid sheet materials (eg, plasterboard). All seams are carefully oshtukaturte. INSULATION Insulation Pitched roofs and pitched roofs can install attic insulation LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LIGHT LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT inside or LAYNROK supporting framework between the rafters. Thermal insulation pitched roof may be done in two ways: internally and externally. It is preferable to produce insulation from the inside, ie once installed roofing, in Otherwise, the installation process may get mounted and not sheltered by insulating effect of atmospheric precipitation.

The order of installation (with insulation by the "inside): Windscreen mount film to the rafters. To remove a layer of moisture between the insulation and roofing systems necessary to provide a ventilated air gap. The thickness of the gap must be no less than 25 mm coated roof of corrugated or shaped material (trapezoidal sheet, tile, metal, asbestos corrugated sheets) and at least 50 mm for roofs with coatings of flat materials (soft shingles, galvanized steel, asbestos flat sheets). From outside the closed roof roofing. In the rafters with windproof membrane is mounted on the inside of the bottom-up set vraspor plate LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT or LITE LAYNROK.

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