South American Community

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we are asking that is understood that we are fighting to defend our democracy, said Uribe after indicating that he knows the differences criterion on the subject in the region. On the opinions of which political belligerence is due to recognize the guerrilla detachments, Uribe said that the case of Colombia is different from the one from other countries where, for example, there were armed groups that fought dictatorships. In Colombia, those groups that at some time could have mercenary an ideological content are weakened and today is, the certain thing, that to articulate that organism it remembered create a training group that will analyze all the positions on the matter and will be 90 to adopt a final proposal. Chile approves and shares the proposal, but a basic condition is to work on the unit in the diversity. he source for more info. That work group will be 90 to review the proposal and to analyze the preoccupations on the subject, indicated the Bachelet president after the meeting.

For Chilean president Bachelet, nevertheless, the fact that the Defense council has not obtained to consensus is not a failure. A failure would have been that the presidents have refused to analyze that proposal. I believe that work group is a great success. On the other hand, the president of Ecuador, Rafael Strap, pronounced itself because that Advice becomes a reality immediately in spite of the reserves of Colombia. Desconozco if a consensus exists on the subject. I know, however, of the opposition of Colombia. Ecuador thinks that South American Advice of Defense must march and become reality immediately, said Strap, to add that integration must march to the fastest rate. Definitively, the South American Community of Nations (Unasur) solved to create a work group that presents/displays a concrete proposal for the creation of a regional Defense council, promoted by the president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva. The group, added, will have to take care of the preoccupations, the differences of the emphases that can to have each country to arrive at the definitive proposal.