Spanish Supplies

Posted on October 15, 2018 By

The percentage of supplies of use in Spain that they require to count on another language that is not the Spanish, has been increased in more than seven percentage points, until reaching 33.76% of the total. This is one of the main conclusions of an analysis realised by Adecco and Infoempleo, from 205,540 supplies of use in all Spain. The English is the language more demanded by the companies, since a 74% of the supplies of qualified use demand this language like essential requirement. He follows to him in French importance, that in this last exercise has increased its weight within the supply in almost half percentage point. However, the German loses interest in the curriculum, happening to be a requirement in a 6.59% of the supplies in 2008/2009 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2008/2009end_of_the_skype_highlighting to a 4.52% at present. In addition, the study states an increase of the demand of less traditional languages, like the Chinese, the Arab, the Pole, the Czech or the Japanese.

If the data by communities are analyzed, it is verified that Catalonia and Madrid are the regions that more ask for to the candidates the knowledge of languages, with a 47.73% and a 42.52% of the supplies, respectively. Nevertheless, the content of its supply is very different. Whereas in Madrid candidates look for mainly who speak English (a 87.90%), in Catalonia the supply is distributed more between different languages. Generally, the sectors that present/display a greater degree of internationalization are those that show a greater demand of languages. For example, in the sector of the power resources 58.64% of the supplies require the knowledge of languages. They follow the sector to him of the machinery (55.89%), industrialist (50.9%) or electronics (48.22%), whose companies usually develop their businesses to world-wide level, besides counting on you soothe in several countries. Nevertheless, the report emphasizes that the sector of the consultancy has been the one that has experienced a major raised with respect to the previous period, happening to ask for candidates with languages in a 21.7% of its supply to present 36.2%.