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Unfortunately, in most cases, the necessary measures, not of an advisory character. Destruction and protection against mold depend on the specific tools selected and defined instructions for its use. These works must be a nexus. Ensure effective destruction and protect the quality of a simple spray (smoke, illumination, etc.) is fundamentally impossible. When removing mold is recommended to handle not only the affected areas, but all the premises (Prevention of surfaces with no visible lesions), as spores, which multiplies the fungus already present in the air at high concentrations and can infect an unprotected surface in any other favorable location. When carrying out construction and repair works recommended preventive treatment facilities. The first thing to handle those places that are most likely to occur damp kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony, basement, north side of your apartment or room space, where the seams and corners of the building.

SAFE ROOM. BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS As of today, it is clear – the scientific achievements in able to provide a high quality of our lives, the things around us, their production processes. Focus attention on the quality of our accommodation and facilities, in which we operate, meaning the quality of their microbiological condition, durability and safety for human health. The first thing that catches your eye is the fact that a number of factors which, today, in terms of science, can greatly affect the performance characteristics, the safety of buildings, impact on human health, not only are not included in building codes (SNIP), but also for the production of works largely exacerbate. Today, one of the main factors affecting human health, is the microbiological condition of premises. With the construction of new buildings and facilities, as well as the renovation of old housing stock satisfies all building code rules that allow the developer to hand over the object of the State Commission, and put it on a balance of operational service.

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