Statistical Control

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When the focus of light is on the guitarist, for example, it is most important at that moment, but he does not want to say that the band does not have the other components. 2.A historical evolution of the quality concept. 2.1? United States of America – U.S.A.: In accordance with Snows (1999, p.4) between 1900 and 1920, it initiated? if a new phase for the control of the quality: the Age of the Inspection. At the beginning they were made in the finished product, none technique statistics was used, and had the objective to prevent that defective item arrived at the consumer. As Cavalcantes (1997, p.63) at this time, Taylor, considered ' ' Pai' ' of the Scientific Administration, it gave legitimacy to the activity of the measurement. According to Juran, in Cavalcantes (1997, p.63), in the end of the decade of 20 the responsibility how much to the function of the quality became? if vacant and confused.

In the days of the craftsmen, the master participated personally in the process of management of the quality. What it appeared was a concept in which the high management was broken up of the process of management for the quality. The high management if not only distanciou of the process, complemented Cavalcantes (1997, p.63), as well as the worker for the limitation of this to execute an only task in the production line, if it distanciou of the end item. Snows (1999, p.4) it standes out that, in the end of years 20, pressured for the increasing competition and the biggest complexity of the processes it initiated? if the use of statistical techniques for the control of the products. The first letter of control of which if it has register was developed by Shewhart in 1924 and was known as ' ' Letter of Control of Shewhart' ' of the beginning to the Statistical Control of the Process? CEP or SQC (in English).