Story Of The Psychoanalyst

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STORY TO the Patient PSYCHOANALYST: Andres Luis Port, 42. When I see myself ahead of the work, for more easy than this it is I do not have the lesser will to make it and most of the time I do not carry through them, I postpone or them to the maximum, arriving to have dangerous delays. Whenever I see myself ahead of a problem I have will to give up everything and to leave running without looking at for brings, but as I cannot only make it remains me a series of bad sensations. When I am waking up, leaving sleep slowly and retaking the conscience, I always have a sensation of desperation in thinking about the problems that I will have that to face and agreement of frightening with taquicardia. When already fully I am waked up this desperation already diminished, remaining a deep anguish now. This always occurs when I have problems not decided, or same in any problem that demands my effort.

I have difficulties to sleep. This anguish also if presents during the day, when I come across myself with more complex works or of difficult solution, where I verify the increase of the frequency respiratory and cardiac, feeling to beat the heart in my neck, with face redness, sudorese in the face and the palm of the hands and a despairing fidget. In the same way that this sensation if presented it disappears immediately when the problem if decides. The intensity of this bad sensation is directly proportional to the size of the problem, but my semblante before the others is always of tranquilidade. When I come across myself with lesser, daily problems, the sensation is only of total lack of will in deciding them, with sleepiness and if it will not be possible delegates I give up them the same ones without thinking about the risks.