Successful Presentation

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Coach Anne Weller explains importance of voice, diction and body language is crucial for a successful appearance are voice, diction and body language”, says Anne Weller. These three factors must be perfectly matched to get on well with the audience, know the educated speech and communication trainer. The expert will give women & work a lecture at the trade fair Congress on this topic on June 8 in Bonn. “Is important however, that my documents in order are” main thing is that the numbers are properly prepared”, I know the content in and out, which is crucial.” All statements that get to hear communication expert Anne Weller repeatedly in discussions with customers. That just the most important thing is being neglected, the speech and communication trainer would like to point out in her presentation. Not only the content but also the voice with which something is communicated is important is Anne Weller. People not only with the content in their spell pull me. It is the way, much more how they speak and inspire me with a melodious voice, a clear diction and a natural body language’, the expert stressed.

A female executive who is not to be understood, because she talk together bitten teeth, without point and comma with an unnatural body language, radiate little assertiveness. No matter whether she must convince now on the lecture stage, before the boss or the customer. Anne Weller, who takes the appearances of their customers on the most accurate under the magnifying glass, has prepared several tips for a clearer response. Clamp is a cork between the front teeth. This can be a plastic champagne corks or a synthetic wine corks. Take a newspaper, a book or a magazine and read about two minutes slow, loud and very stressed a text.

To formulate it so significantly that a listener and you even can understand the text well”, advises the communications expert. The voice is clearer and louder, so Anne Weller. Voice and speech training “is a must-have for all women who want to not only professionally, but also effectively inspire others in their leadership and convince”, stressed the coach. In her presentation on the women & work, Anne Weller will tell the TeilenehmerInnen several tips and tricks for a successful performance. There are additional information to the women & work Congress Congress. A seat reservation for the lecture can be made under the short link: