Swimming Pools

Posted on March 8, 2018 By

In any bath must be: locker rooms, showers, massage room, a font with ice water, a recreation room. Can not do without the pool – at least five meters in length. Small Steam takes a minimum of 15 sq. m. If we succeed, then Of course, it is better to make several different steam rooms: sauna, Turkish bath, Roman. Bath and requires quite a serious technical equipment. It is believed that for the Russian pair is best suited woodburning stove, but the ovens are also electric, and gas. They are produced, usually not in Russia and in Finland and Sweden that, you know, does not diminish their value. For one, only the pool should be about a dozen different devices: pumps, filters, heaters, transformers, lighting fixtures. You will most likely be required and steam generators, heating system of ceramic tiles, air curtains and doors, which also are expensive. Will have to lay on the system ventilation and drainage. And if spending on equipment to reduce the complicated, really save on the interior. Not necessarily to decorate it with marble, gold and precious woods. – With the luxury and you can overdo it. If you have gorgeous interior, huge pool, but not enough high-quality service – it can alienate customers – warns Alexander Prosvirnin. With so much equipment bath is quite energy-intensive institution, the cost of electricity to end up higher than the cost of water – the ultimate resource for baths. Water on the actual fact be not very much.