Classification Tasks

But often we can not do an adequate (Sufficient for the application) model. These cases arise when we want to give very accurate answers to difficult questions. While our model does not help us in the decision or gives a wrong prediction, it is a sure sign of its inadequacy. And in this case it…

Astronomers Discover Fountain Stardust

But now, New York (York) and a group of employees watching the system, which is a double star, HD 44179, which can be a source of dust. This discovery has wide-ranging implications, because the dust is critical subject in scientific theories related to the formation of stars. Binary star system is located within what astronomers…

Interdepartmental Commission

Baikal Pulp sued for damages caused to the water body as a result of the unauthorized discharge of pollutants. Carried out over a month ago check the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of Lake Baikal showed that the concentration of pollutants in the wastewater entering the lake Baikal, the individual items exceeded a thousand times….