The Moral

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It evaluates alternative points of view of what it is good and the right; She explores ways to reach the moral knowledge that we need; She inquires why we must act with correction and, from there, she leads the practical moral problems, that they thus stimulate to think with priority. With effect this is a different boarding of that the others you discipline give to the moral problems. Sociology and the Anthropology, as social sciences and of the behavior, describe the human behavior and the functioning of the social institutions, and try to explain them of causal way, to the light them general theories it human and social behavior. During centuries these you discipline, to the side of science politics and of the economy, branches of the Philosophy, extensions of the ethical theory had been considered. But in the passed century, when becoming empirical sciences, its interest in the moral problems more centered each time in the causes of particular and the social consequncias.

While the ethical quarrel and the moral action must to them very therefore, the ethics, while such is interested little in what in fact the people make more and in what they must make; less in what they are its current values and more in what these values must be. In what it mentions itself to the truth of our moral beliefs is one disciplines ' ' normativa' '. In many aspects the ethics are much more on to the religion of what to social science, being the tradition Jewish-Christian one of the main historical sources of the moral inheritance of ocidente. c) The cultural relativismo the ethics is not an empirical science worried in explaining the practical existing moral, but one disciplines normative, interested with the truth or falseness of the moral beliefs. This difference can to the times take the conflicting points of view.