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Many people are trying to relax and meditate using a series of techniques and learned exercises. Very difficult to most, and the effect is not long-lasting. But, how let relaxation between, if we are filled with anger, resentment, sadness as much as us Searle? If happiness had a single serious demand something like: get you the vacuum you can empty your sack inside all impure or perfectly negative beliefs that, until now, have you ever considered how essential in your life, I need all your interior space to express me freely and that you can feel me no more interpretations or useless convictions we must first let out the old to make room for something new, and by the way, fantastic for us. Therefore any cube that is filled with mud could fill more even water and expect to get a clear result. Many of us we are not at ease in our job, but we dare not find something else that suits us best and makes us feel more happy or less asphyxiated by fear, by false comfort, due to lack of confidence in ourselves, but also for innocent and somewhat cowardly belief that life is who should be responsible for this change. If you do not let go what already does not work or bored you may be getting good things into your life? Take responsibility for yourself is the only way known to feel live without ever be disappointed of what others want or can give us or not.

You choose to get rid of that very subtle behavior called begging, so hard we identify in our everyday gestures. Dispose ourselves to receive is get rid of everything old and useless, whether objects, customs, beliefs and behaviors that obey the possessiveness and attachment rather than generosity and detachment. Experience the beauty and goodness, enjoy the beauty, has become somewhat difficult because our minds have been educated to believe it and to do so.

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