The Subway

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I greeted him and watched as he happily greets me. Tuned to all that is clean and bright, that he has, as reflected in its noble face, I began my fellowship with his soul. – You are very good and kind man, and I really like you. – Yes, you too cute to me, – he answered. Trying to locate his soul to him, I made a natural response: he became admire me, to my mind, kind heart and a wonderful character. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rudy Giuliani. And then I said: – We would be excellent pair. At the soul of my darling said: – I would be happy, because I can not imagine anyone else with whom I have been so good as you.

We will be very happy couple. Throughout the ritual, I felt the flow of love that constantly comes from her heart and soul wrapped my darling, mingled with the oncoming stream, coming from him. AND He said: – I love you! It sounded so clear that I opened my eyes. I also rode the subway, but something has changed. I mentally thanked God, and suddenly realized what has changed my inner state. I felt that the amended internal state – is the result of the invisible connection that was established with the help of this simple ritual. And I began to make a sustained effort; my communion with the soul of this stranger was becoming brighter, shaped, with each Thus, I felt as invisible bond becomes stronger.

I did everything to make our stay in reality as close as quickly as possible. What was my surprise when after 12 days, I drove as usual to work in the subway and I heard (the first time, but this native) voice: – What, my dear girl, you’re reading this, which is not bestowed upon me as usual each morning, his beautiful eyes? It so happened that should have happened. It was the most beautiful moment in my life: I met my sweet Andrew. That famous book, due to which he applied, is called ‘course on energy in abundance. ” I read him an excerpt from this book, he laughed gaily – so struck up a conversation, which I shared my interests, and now we are together, and nothing, and never let us do us part. I thank you, Albina, for your knowledge and sage advice, simple, and most importantly, effective rituals!