The Will

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In order to satisfy the diverse needs with the man, the work, then, one appears under different useful forms and from are there innumerable industries. Although executed independently and if obvious relation according to the will and particular aim of its producers diverse the specialties of useful works they show like parts that they are complemented mutually of the general work destined to satisfy the sum with social needs. Each one of the individual offices, that correspond at the most to an order of needs and whose indispensable variety is not from any previous agreement, form in their totality the links of the social system of the division of the work, which they adapt to the infinite diversity of the needs. This way, working the men for others, their private works have, for that single reason, a social character; but such works also have a social character by their similarity for human work generally, appearing the similarity nothing else that in the change, that is to say, a social relation places that them against in front and in a base of equivalence, in spite of their natural difference. REDUCTION OF ALL JOB CLASS TO CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SIMPLE WORK.

The multiple transformations of the natural matter and their adaptation to the different human needs, that they constitute all the task of the man, are more or less complicated. When we spoke more of the human work from the point of view of the value, we only considered the work, that is to say, the cost of the simple force simple that any man without special education owns in his organism. It is truth that the average term of the simple work varies according to the countries and the times, but always is certain in a given society, that is to say, each society..