The Worst Comes Immediately

Posted on August 30, 2018 By

If reading this gives rise to thoughts such as you, "Yes, but does not speak to me" or "If I knew the ugly things I have in me," do not know how badly I behave, "then you have not understood that you are a wonderful person as you are now, you do the best you can based on your knowledge, consciousness and evolution of this moment. When criticism stops and comes respect and acceptance for oneself is a delight to get up every morning and share a day with yourself. Discover more positive ways to meet your needs and express what you really are. Each one of us has a unique role on earth, a role that darken to criticize. Let us scare How many times have we gone to bed imagining the worst that could happen in relation to a problem that we had? For example, someone does not call you when you expect to do so immediately you feel unlovable, abandoned and rejected. Again decide not to embark on any relationship. This is very common in sick people imagine the worst.

They give power to doctors, medicine, statistics, rather than relying on your inner power. At work someone criticizes us and immediately began to think that we will be fired. It is we who chose these paralytic and negative thoughts. Nobody can think for us and nobody can get into our minds and set ourselves to think about. Similarly we can replace these thoughts with positive or images.