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Of course, part of the money set aside for repairs, will have to spend to pay for work of specialists, but Think about what you save. Supervise the works in this case will be the contractor, and this will reduce the chance of losing money, time and effort invested in the business. Just think what you could make a mistake and in a timely manner not corrected the schedule, and now the painters are already at an advanced stage walls, and the electrician has not paved the new wiring. In the end, from lack of coordination will spend extra time on the correction errors and a new finish, you have to spend additional funds to purchase additional materials. Procedure of work monitoring the progress and quality of their performance, you can take on. Of course, organization of construction work – no easy task for the layman, so beginners we recommend to err on the mistakes and failures, which cause confusion and delays at the construction site, and write list of planned repairs and construction and the sequence of their implementation.

Guidance for you can serve, and we compiled a sample list of priority construction of repair and finishing premises: 1. Cleaning of premises, including the demolition of a number of structural elements. At this stage works endure furniture, break walls, and those design elements that are left without support, stake, strengthen, also tolerate debris. 2. Treatment (prophylactic or regular) surfaces of the walls, ceiling, floor compounds to prevent moisture, rot, insect pests.

3. Laying of new pipes (gas, water supply, sewerage, heating) and electrical wiring. 4. Construction of new partitions, interior walls, the base for new flooring. 5. Preliminary adjustment of Communications (installation of boilers, installation of plumbing, electricity distribution boards). 6. Initial carpentry: purlins and rail doors and windows, installation of beams, etc. 7. Plastering. 8. The final adjustment of communications, including the installation of sinks, bathtubs, radiators and etc. 9. The final stage of joinery: door hanging, nailing architraves, ceiling cornices. 10. Installation of built-in furniture (closets in the hallway or the bedroom) and equipment (built-in appliances). 11. Finishing the ceilings and walls (the final painting, pasting wallpaper or paneling). 12. Finish floor (paint, flooring rolled flooring or parquet laying and finishing). 13. Furnishings.