Trans Europa Express

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Remember the words of the song 'Music bound us together …. " But really the music unites people. Because it is so diverse in different genres, styles and trends that everyone finds something for himself. If you take the genre in terms of and diversity, this will certainly rock. Rock sounds played by rock groups, which consist of a vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer and keyboardist. A characteristic feature – a monotonous rhythm. Rock is not only music, this style life.

The emergence of rock music began with the origins of rock 'n' roll and blues. The founders considered to be Elvis Presley and the group "The Beatles". The most unusual genre – electro. Electricity comes from the word Electro funk. The sound of this style can be said "Computer", live music is not present. Origin of electronic music started in the 70s German band Kraftwerk. It was she who in 1977 released his first album, Trans Europa Express with electro tracks.

And in the 82nd year in America, she received a new development of Electro Funk, which arose on the basis of hip-hop, funk, electro (Gary Newman) and electronic music group Kraftwerk. Consider some of the genres of music. One well-known genres – pop music, or as we like to call "pop." His term very difficult to define, as a "pop" means all popular music in general, and it is designed for the mass audience. But it is usually defined as an easy and popular music, often commercial and recreational character. If the "dive" into the history, the term pop music sounded in 1926. The origin of this genre began with folk music, songs and ballads. In the 50-60s in the Soviet Union was made to call it pop music or pop music. Most popular in those days were Cliffs, Troshin, Shulzhenko, Bernes. The most interesting and the young genre of music is – rap. Feature of rap – is the lack of vocals, instead, is recitative. Rap is not singing, and reading poetry as a squeak of vinyl records. The origin of rap started in the 70s, when New York came to a Jamaican DJ Herc. Taking the microphone during a break, he began to talk to … Everyone enjoyed dancing and DJs have taken it on board. Between rappers started verbal fights. The main objective was compliance with tact and rhymes. At that time rap was not publicly exposed, only since 1979, the first group, Sugar Hill Gang with the song Rappers Delight, recorded the first rap record, lasting about ten minutes. It was a sensation. Thanks to the American public learned what a rap.

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