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Turbine the Vapor Author (you are): Camila Fernanda Marmontel Blacksmith; Joyce Mara Gimenes Gandara Silva; Lisandra Lion of Oliveira; Marcelo Cesar Polioni Supervised Practical Activities? APS Course of Engineering of Orienting Production Mechanics (): Prof. Dra. Liliane de Souza Magalhes SUMMARY the had work presents the cycle of a turbine the vapor. It will be shown the applications of the thermodynamic functioning of same in the industry and also the advantages and disadvantages. As substance cousin it is used biomass, that is a renewable source. Being thus, contributing with the support and making possible the economic process through its internal production of energy. Through studies, we aim at to the improvement of such processes using turbines with pressure controllers, this reducing the problems and the maintenances.

For the functioning of our work, we will use the cycle of Rankine, who is the most used for thermal fluids vapor. Therefore, we conclude that the turbine the vapor, is a machine that cooperates with the environment, backwards many benefits for the improvement of the process, aiming at to the production with efficiency and economy INTRODUCTION For our project we choose as system a turbine the vapor (entered of direct vapor until the exit of work (w) in the axle). The turbine the vapor is a thermal machine that uses energy of the vapor as form of kinetic energy, transforming into energy mechanics the energy contained in the vapor the high pressure, under the form of thermal energy. This energy mechanics is transferred through the axle of the turbine to the electric generator, the generation of electric energy can be made from thermoelectrial central offices. (Removed publication Article carried through for the Federal University of the Bahia). The vapor produced in the boiler through the burning of the biomass is directed for the turbine, with a pressure of 45 kgf/cm and temperature 450C.