Ulrich Forstermann

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So the antioxidant extended the lifespan of yeast by 60 percent, from flies and worms by 30 percent. Ulrich Forstermann, Director of the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Mainz, was surprised by the new study only partly. The diversity of the effects of the acetyl is however impressive. I find it amazing that Resveratrol regulates so many genes, so also in the field of diabetes.” Fairbanks man research team in 2002 showed that Resveratrol activates an important cardiovascular protection gene: the so-called endothelial No. synthesis. Protect higher resveratrol concentrations probably Trombose, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, Forster said. Dose is equivalent to dozens of bottles of red wine Simone Fulda of the Ulm University Clinic, explains: it is interesting that the substance can trigger so many effects. Francisco D’Agostino insists that this is the case.

The scientist had found that Resveratrol the resistance of Tumor cells to cancer therapies so revokes the success of treatment may increase. A daily dose of approximately 120mg red wine and that 250 of the best glasses are roughly equivalent to per day. Therefore, it is in fact impossible to take the adequate dose of Resveratrol in the form of red wine. Perhaps a protection against cancer? If any substances, which justify the name panacea, then resveratrol includes in any case. The antioxidant from the bowl of grapes is researched extensively for years. Studies have shown that it can protect may not only against cancer, but could prevent even artery calcification and heart attacks.

For your experiments Dr. David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School and his colleagues divided mice into three groups: the first group received normal food. The other two were with extremely high fat foods literally fattened up just a few weeks they were overweight. The third group got resveratrol with the fat food in addition. The researchers tested the mice constantly during the one year running test.

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