Use Not Water

Posted on June 19, 2018 By

You know the problem. You have a new oiled wooden floor and are unsure how to properly care for him as long as possible for you to enjoy it. Step by step instructions: fill two buckets, each with about 5 liters of warm water. Shake well before using soap to give about 1 cup of soap in a bucket. Rinse the mop-Swep in soapy water, wring lightly and damp mop the floor with outstretched wipe. Leave for a little and absorb dirt.

The dirty mop in the bucket, rinse with clear water. Fixed stuck dirt with the white pad and soapy water solution. Then rinse with clean soapy water and allow to dry. Do not rinse with clear water! How often should you wipe? Depending on the use of the floor in the living area approximately every 3-4 weeks wiped damp. At low loads of rare, more often in heavily used areas.

Wood floor soap, white or natural? Oiled white, bright white floors are cleaned with soap Trip Trap, all other floors with wood flooring soap Trip Trap nature. What not to do: Use Not microfiber wipe with clear water (care) is removed leave * No (soap) water on the wood do what, in streaks? Streaks are a sign of too much soap. This happens especially when not working with two buckets. Then arise in the use of bright areas, just streaks. In this case, even wipe the floor with half the amount of soap as above. After drying, you can also wipe the floor with a dry floor cloth.