Venezuelan Government

Posted on September 5, 2019 By

On the other hand, as colloquially say Venezuelans, in house blacksmith knife is Palo. Venezuela already Mr Chavez starts to confront serious problems in their system of good government, we do not know if it is a system of Government but let’s say in his way of governing. To begin their famous popularity has been in decline (in franca lowered without brakes) so has freed four Colombian hostages through negotiations with the Colombian guerrillas, read FARC, Mission of humanity for some, but others considered it an act of pursuit of popularity, loss, and reaffirmation of a link with the Group guerrilla, that simple. He lost in December the referendum which he drove to turn Venezuela into something that he called socialism of the 21st century. He had a sudden downturn legal with the ExxonMobil company which was favoured with the influence of OPEC, of which part with too much weight, before an attempt of the transnational of freezing of assets and accounts of the State. On the other hand, despite attempts to supply the country with basic consumer foods still confronts these issues and for the first time in the national history of Venezuela, people runs a market to another before the waves of rumors of the presence of a staple item in any establishment to acquire it and in a few hours disappear from the shelves. This happens in Venezuela, where fill a tank of gasoline is still costing about three dollars or less, subsidy that the Government makes so that people are not hot blood and explodes creating the crisis. Increase the problems of the Venezuelan Government and the Bolivarian ruler uses everything he has in hand to make see that Venezuela is the Disneyland of Latin America, where people live in peace, without crime, without high rates of inflation, with food, without corruption and without clashes between followers of the Government and disaffected and exhausted people.