Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 23, 2017 By

I thought about the film "Euphoria" was a false representation, and got acquainted with him. What can I say? From motives of young director and hopes correspondent of "", both from the circular flights over the wilderness with a camera operator, fell on the island, where, instead of boilers and churches from the movie Lungina "Island", I see a lone house on the hill, the old, without fences, no garden and the garden is probably a long-abandoned, by the way, converted into a hall for filming, even without doors. This is probably a metaphor. For an elite audience the Venice Film Festival – a metaphor for modern Russia, a poor and wretched as not to sympathize with her? However, the action could take place on the Moscow River at the dilapidated cottage in Art Nouveau style villa, or from those which are springing up like mushrooms in the suburbs. That's where the tragedy now taking place with Shakespearean passions, that lady's novels and in the endless soap operas into a melodrama.

Such a substitution – the ideology of the Russian media, it is clear in whose interests. Sorry, Ivan Vyrypaev, feeling tragic impulses era, not yet acknowledged that he lives in the Renaissance, with its bloody sunset, when it's time to achieve high purity of the genre of tragedy or comedy, as Shakespeare or Calderon. Tragedy did not happen. The essence of the plot in the film, rather, a synopsis, and not designed as a dynamic plot, with dialogue. At the level of "Che", "what shall we do?", "I do not know, let the river is blood, the tragedy will not happen.