Vernier-lecture In The Meisterschule Optonia

Posted on May 28, 2016 By

“The workshop in eye optics economic benefits by insert service workshop in eye optics”, was the theme, the Nicole Peters, optometrist champion and owner of Nonius E.k.. on 7 April 2013 following the 25 years anniversary of Optonia, the private College of optics and optometry in Diez, the current master classes brought closer. The goal of the presentation was to give an impression the master students, such as the workshop in the practice looks and what economic opportunities that may arise through a loop service. Vernier operates a workshop – and loop service for opticians and optical businesses and so the pupil of Optonia in the presentation received very specific practical insights into the opportunities of the workshop. In particular, Peters talked about commercial thinking, investment costs, restrictions on remote form edge and the nationwide lack of personnel in the optician craft. She was also in detail on the specific situation for An entrepreneur: the chances of a successful business of your own optics are very different depending on the location and volume of orders.

Added additional factors such as the initial investment in the own workshop, which can represent a significant financial burden for incipient opticians. From a business perspective, I realized that his own workshop for many opticians are too costly. The time that must find opticians for the workshop, ultimately lacking in customer service, “explains the reason why she made independently with an own workshop service four years ago Nicole Peters. The lecture ended with a rain discussion, in which the master student asked detailed questions regarding loop service and exchanged with each other already existing experiences.