Visa Cash

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What visa is credit card best suited to a? VISA belongs to the large credit card organizations in Germany in addition to MasterCard and American Express. Offer Visa credit cards nationwide and worldwide up to 30 million acceptance locations, where a cardholder can pay invoices for goods and services without cash. Obtaining cash at an ATM is also wherever possible, where a corresponding icon is shown. The cashless purchasing of products or the booking of flights or travel is possible also in the Internet. VISA offers a wide range on equipment cards payment, intended for different areas, uses and target groups. The referred revolving card is the most popular credit card in Germany. Provides a credit line agreed with the Bank, the cardholder to available. Made cards sales must not be paid then for invoicing in one lump sum, but are repaid in monthly instalments on the card account.

The second common visa card credit card type card is the batch. Here the upcoming statement card sales are collected once per month usually at the beginning of the month in one lump sum from the account will be debited and returned to the card account. It is thus always at the same time a complete balance of the card account. Other types of cards are the debit card (Visa Electron, v pay) and prepaid credit cards. When a debit card is the amount decreed by the credit card promptly – in normally immediately charged to the account. A prepaid card is a payment, that is done on a prepaid basis and in contrast to the other credit card when ordering requires no SCHUFA information or other credit information.

Still, Visa card are issued credit cards for specific target groups. Most cash ordered visa is the standard credit card. It has all major map features and offers, optional insurance or additional services.

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