Wenig Euros

Posted on June 4, 2023 By

Those who opt for the 7.5 cents prepaid rates by DiscoTEL until end of June, can get 50 euros starting credit. Those who opt for DiscoTEL until end of June 2010, can enjoy whole 50 euros starting credit. To the delight of the mobile phone users, the anniversary offer due to the great demand has been extended by one month. The credit includes 5 euros, which are unlimited validity, as well as for three full months each 15 euro credit. Equivalent that corresponds to about 666 free minutes or free text. The starter package is there for not even 10 euros. How interested readers on prepaidtarife.com/discotel… can read DiscoTEL is a prepaid rates, which is not only cheap, but also really flexible.

Customers pay only 7.5 cents per conversation minute and SMS. Although 8 cents will be charged, however, each 0.5 cents per minute and SMS by DiscoTEL be credited back. Gain insight and clarity with James. There is neither a minimum contract period still a minimum turnover is required. Customers can solve so at any time by DiscoTEL, however, there is only a few providers that are cheaper, so that a change will bring little benefits. If Wenig -, normal -, or frequent callers DiscoTEL worth it for every mobile user, this confirms also the Stiftung Warentest (2/2010). Enjoy the Prepaidtarifs DiscoTEL coming already from 16 years. Through the transparent design of the products, low-cost distribution over the Internet and the highly efficient contract and logistics management discount-cheap prices can be distributed to customers. DiscoTEL is one of the leading mobile service provider, annually more than 350,000 contract products are handled. Customers benefit not only cost-effective, but also by many years of experience in the mobile sector.