What Can You Imagine Actually Under JAZZ?

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The emergence of jazz and the implementation in live bands in today’s times and for the modern audience. “Jazz? No, don’t. As subdued yet so’n some types to himself, without rhyme or reason. Can I miss a good mood.”This is a – unfortunately – frequently heard jazz music, which, however, has nothing to do with the over 100 years old, from a wide variety of elements created and evolving new music to do. When there is “Jazz” actually? Jelly Roll Morton, a pianist born in 1885 in Creole New Orleans District, claims at least 1902 “to have invented it”. No one man could have done this but. Although you must certify the musicians of the early great merits, jazz developed from the brass orchestras of the turn of the century, playing European marches with the sound formation of black plantation workers with Blues elements and approaches of free improvisation as something completely new. It was like today, lots of “Jazz”, who could play not only note from the journal.

But her swing Feeling and creativity gave and give them the possibility of improvisation, the spontaneous invention of tunes about a harmony basis given by the rhythm section. And that’s what makes the incomparable attractiveness of Jazz: everyone in the band has enough freedom to be musical “romp”. No solo can be reviewed at the next concert sound for sound, the result is unique. Unlike some colleagues who claim that authentic Jazz could only be played by black, the members of Climax band Cologne are convinced that the whites – with corresponding educational background – it can as well. And as the six musicians from different “camps” (traditional, big bands, songwriters, revival), would like to be the climax set band to a style, but traditional, swing, Latin, Rocky and there’s a lot more offer the audience according to the diversity in the jazz. One is is it safe: never get bored with this band! The climax band Cologne (formerly climax jazz band) is a live band with 6 Thoroughbred musicians are a guarantee of professionally presented quality.

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