White Cossacks

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CARAVAN – Sarah In general, only in the center of Orenburg, I counted at least three mosques, one of which caravan – shed (Karuanharay), historical and architectural complex consisting of Bashkir folk houses and mosques. It was built in the first half of the 19th century by the architect A. Briullov. Caravanserai was built on the popular contributions as an inn for merchants and pilgrims, but immediately after opening the authorities began to use the building for their own purposes. It is Russia's only mosque building, designed by the Asian model.

Unfortunately, minaret and a spiral staircase, which once raised imams are now under restoration. It is expected that the building will be decorated 6 thousand tiles made especially for this monument. Historians believe that at the end works Caravanserai will be the most beautiful building in Orenburg (at least, so says 'omniscient' press). But even now, covered with forests, caravan – shed leaves a lasting impression. As always, the main hidden beauty inside. The octagonal domed mosque with a complex occupies a central position. The architectural ensemble is unique in the Orenburg region.

This explains the appeal of the author of the project to the heritage of oriental architecture: originality of the decoration the mosque arch facades, the types of ornament, color prayer hall (a combination of blue and gold). TRIBUTE. PARK FRUNZE But not only the 'legends of old times' cherish Orenburg, and the living memory of the victory in World War II. Not far from the pedestrian zone, 300 meters from the Gostiny Dvor is a park Frunze, where you can see the exhibition "Salute, victory!" (Free admission) – Technology wartime, 19 units of authentic military-historical monuments: planes, tanks, artillery guns. I'm a little technique that I understand my attention a little house with posters (something like the village council), next to the booth performance of socialist competition (still alive in our socialist past), and the distance – a figure close to the boy's cart, loaded with grain, with a placard 'Bread – Front'. The park is very clean, many colors, I think the kids there expanse. HOTEL 'ORENBURG' That's about all I managed to see in Orenburg, in the few hours that I was given destiny. About the house museum of the family, I will write later Rostropovich, and finally something about a hotel 'ORENBURG', in I've lived. The halls of each floor differed from one another on the third floor, for example, was finishing in style reminiscent of Baroque, and in the lobby on the second floor are a few works on historical themes: dioramas 'Clink of Orenburg "," Cossack patrols' and 'defeat of the White Cossacks'. The impression is that you are in the museum. In general, the memories of the town were very happy (and excited), maybe that is the lot of small towns? Although Of course, not so small and Orenburg, traces of globalization in the form of 'McDonalds' or retail chain 'Subway' there. Or, maybe it is spring with its warm weather, bright sunshine and tulips helped to keep only good memories?

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