Zoover Manhattan

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Wearing a helmet is not mandatory (if advisable). You have a great selection of hotels in the city, only in Zoover contained more than 500, most advisable is to use a price comparison to find the right hotel. There are also hotels that can provide you a bike, for example the Maritime Hotel. Examples of routes by bike through New York: Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Este bike path leads around Manhattan by the coast and has 50 Km. The advantage is that there is no car in this route and will take you along the Harlem River and the Hudson River Park park. Central Park in the famous Central Park you will find many bike lanes and also you can circulate down the street that runs through the Park. During much of the day and on weekends cars are prohibited. There is a route by bike very popular crossing the Park and taking you by the main tourist attractions.Around the Park, you’ll see many places where you can rent a bike.

Many times the rent is cheaper if you make a reservation online in advance and the prices are cheaper than Central Park in Manhattan area. Bridge Brooklyn this route will not only take by the Brooklyn Bridge but also other points of interest in the lower part of Manhattan. The bridge has a special for cyclists and petaones lane. Area of Battery Park can be go on bike by Wall Street and historic streets, with this path will have some magnificent views on the Hudson River and New Jersey. Riverside Park Riverside Park is West of the Hudson River. Here between the calle 72 and 110 there is a long Boulevard where you can go by bike.