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I support with my signature”the petition. “Does the Volker Perplies, representative of the citizen’s initiative: our worst fears, and even the Federal Government exceeded the plans of the Berlin Senate for a subsequent use of the airport and all involved federal departments but also the Federal Chancellery have behaved so far more than disappointing”. According to Perplies, the Berlin Tempelhof airport is a monument of national and international significance. Tempelhof airport is world history for nearly a century. Tempelhof was the first commercial airport in the world.

Here was the second world war finally ended with the Berlin airlift and laid the cornerstone for a new, liberal Germany and Europe. Raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen said “Tempelhof is the statue of liberty for Germany”. Can it therefore isn’t it, that the Senate before the eyes of the world public opinion from residential and industrial areas “does that on top of that no one needs”, says Volker Perplies. “Andreas Donati, confidant and member of the Action Alliance said: no one of us wants the prestige project, Berlin-Brandenburg International (BBI) of the ruling by the Berlin” Klaus Wowereit basically challenge, even if of course completely clear to us as professionals is, that the BBI project also due to the international financial crisis – currently completely against the wall. It comes to give a dignified and sustainable perspective the historic Tempelhof airport. A selective use of the airports of Tempelhof as Government, emergency and alternative airport (alternate) threatens the new airport BBI, in any case and provides an economic basis and saves cost in millions of dollars the Federal Government alone. The Senate of Berlin strives to date in vain, a reasonable concept for the Tempelhof airport and the noticed Michael Paul, also a person of trust and member of the Action Alliance To submit later usage of the approximately 380 hectares area.

Everything was published until today this is embarrassing, provincially, and apparently only meant to give the global real estate companies a good deal. We know that in a big way on an appreciation of real estate prices in Tempelhof speculated specifically by the Austrian Immofinanz AG, Vienna. Our petition aims not least to prevent real estate speculation”, says Michael Paul. For the success of the citizen’s initiative, 7,500 signatures are required in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg. The Alliance’s assumption is that to achieve this in a short time. In this case, a referendum to vote is applied. Signature sheets with the official text can find on the Internet as a PDF file interested citizens and citizens from Tempelhof-Schoneberg as well as journalists and journalists under: decision / bogen.

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