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Achilles – hero of the Iliad – or the goddess Athena are some of the icons used in his works. In his criticism, also uses characters from rural areas: I admire those who have renounced the capitalization, the elderly who kept alive traditions. The figure of a model in lingerie adorns a wall of Athens….

Spanish America

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After a long travel in wagons, these products reached the Rio de la Plata notoriously Buoyed and frequently quite irregular, since heavy Spanish galleons that should arrive and/or leave authorized ports in Spanish America mentioned above were frequently victims of the raids by British and Dutch lighter boats driven by pirates and privateers. It was…

Dow Jones

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After weeks of bargaining in Congress between Republicans and Democrats to raise the debt ceiling finally an agreement was reached at the last moment, on Tuesday, August 2, the same day that the U.S. Treasury had indicated that it would be without funds to meet their obligations. Thus it seemed to have been conjured up…

Trans Europa Express

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Remember the words of the song 'Music bound us together …. " But really the music unites people. Because it is so diverse in different genres, styles and trends that everyone finds something for himself. If you take the genre in terms of and diversity, this will certainly rock. Rock sounds played by rock groups,…