Blue Economy Training 2011

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Blue economy training in Bhutan from 20 to 26 June 2011 blue economy loads from 20 to 26 June 2011 business leaders and professionals to one species only a study trip to the fascinating Kingdom of Bhutan. The participants expect five exciting days of training with Prof. Gunter Pauli, who will teach the basic techniques of development and implementation of sustainable business models through a series of innovations from the portfolio of the blue economy. Focuses on the training days are also the Kingdom of Bhutan, to the history and current economic developments of the country shows the participants through the use of sustainable innovations. The blue economy training a meeting with members of the Bhutanese Government and participation in gross national happiness meeting connected”. Also, training class offers a unique opportunity to get to know the nature and the people of the nearby between China and India, independent Kingdom of Bhutan.

The mysterious land of the Thunder Dragon and origin of gross national happiness”the Himalayas is located at the foot of one of the most breathtaking mountainous regions of the world. The blue economy is aimed at managing director training, managers and consultants who are interested, to help shape sustainable business models, which make it possible to build new opportunities for their customers, their businesses and their countries. The participation fee is EUR 5,000 per person exclusive flight, accommodation and visa fees. Registration and payment until March 25, 2011, the participants have the opportunity to benefit from discounts. Book your unique blue economy training in Bhutan simply and comfortably via the blue economy shop: more information about the blue economy training in Bhutan and the blue economy get interested about the website of the blue economy: