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Many intend to start a business for web, the call extra income, but rare, it is when somebody has the patience to wait the results, we want the result in one week, in one month. The businesses in the Internet, as well as businesses in general, need a time to grow and to create roots, do not advance to have haste and to go making everything in any way, wanting a fast return. A company delays some time to get profit and this, to be removed. A small investment would be very easy somebody to start a work in the Internet being spent and soon to make one high wage. It has some sites and blogs in the Internet with good courses on-line that they teach honest strategies of as to gain money for web, one that teaches pass-the-passes and in proven ways it is the of the Dani Edson. Many that is in this branch want an income more, as well as learning to apply in action or leaving a money in an investment fund, first we need to discover what we like to make, there, then, to search the form of extra income that pleases in them, in such a way you will obtain the necessary patience and will work without discouraging to reach the result. An interesting way of profit that has much pra to grow in Brazil is the affiliated programs of, a simple idea and joust, a person if registers in cadastre in a company that wants to promote a product and this person divulges this product through web with one link proper, when somebody clica in this link and purchase the product the paid company a commission for the person. I twist so that this and many other businesses in the Internet grow and reach more people in all country..