Myths And Legends Cauca

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All call history of the Virgin of Caquiona MOM Concia. They say grandparents that she appeared in a large mountain which was very outstanding. Then the inhabitants of nearby built a chapel in a place nearby, flatter, to move his people there. But MOM Concia always returned to his place. Seeing this, people tried to build the people there, but when it rained is crumbling. However she was still appearing, so at the end they left the town where she wanted.

The legend of the Devil (municipality of San Sebastian) in the Decade of the forties, parents were regarded by the community as a few saints and people were very strict in terms of the spiritual. There is a road called national road, which passes through the sacred mountain of the Papallacta, near the Lakes of Magdalena and Santiago Huila to the Valley of the potatoes. They say that by this way came father Tubor towards Valencia and at a point which is known as the Devil’s stone a spirit appeared to him. It is said that the father had to fight with that spirit, which was the devil, in a long and very strong fight. At that time the parents wore a belt and father Tubor, having struggled so much, tied to a stone with his devil. Once moored the demon, the father told him that when you hold back the dawn he had to make a cross in the stone, to be able to release. Then the father went his way, and as it was so little to Sunrise, the devil moved for all sides to be able to release. Finally, with their claws, made the cross but in reverse and it was the only way to release it. When the father returned to pass he found loose Devil and the cross in the stone. Myth of the Cerro de Lerma in Lerma, Cauca a hill there is a symbol of the region, so high that it excels and is visible from the Panamerican Highway, between Popayan and Pasto.

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