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What paper you use for wedding cards, to enchant your guests GMUND presents you the best papers for wedding cards and invitations. The papers are as varied and individual as their names. The GMUND paper designer travel throughout the world to inspire themselves for paper collections. This list with the finest and most elegant papers arose from the wide range of the world of paper from GMUND now range from GMUND. Visitors find more papers for any occasion using paper Finder, which includes the entire database of Gmunder paper selection.

Reaction – Crystall vanilla sorbet versatile as the love story of each wedding couple. Depending on the light, the colour of the surface by reaction changed she respond here in a variety of shades and will enchant the viewer immediately. Blanc blanc beige, cream and beige BlancBeige is the epitome of refinement and elegance of classic and modern wedding cards. The collection shows a very harmonious range from three shades of white. In addition to the paper is also available in a light cream and a very warm beige tone a beautiful white tone. Treasury composition TREASURY is a magical collection around the theme of gold and beauty.

A paper made for beautiful wedding cards. TREASURY shows the color gold in all its facets, from natural to glamorous, from traditional to contemporary. Eight various shimmering shades of gold by the delicate transparent to the strong gold form a unique color range. Treasury composition is the hero for wedding cards. GMUND-Act green cotton paper for eco-conscious and discerning couples. “The message of the GMUND-Act Green: environmentally conscious handle!” It combines eco-friendliness with a quality and elegance, the ideal is for every wedding. GMUND 3 – beam cream failed and modern – dominates the splendid game with reflections GMUND3 and offers color beam cream on for unusual and versatile wedding cards… The innovative paper collection has a finely structured Surface which is reminiscent of fine woven fabrics and other facets appear from every angle can be perfect for photos, ornaments or lettering. VIBE Shining White Myth VIBE is the modern scene of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND Collection and how created for modern wedding cards. She was inspired by the dazzling world of 80’s in Soho, New York and is loosely based on the nightlife – and clubbing scene as well as the legendary Studio 54 VIBE a unusual collection, which adapts yet each style. Vibe shining white myth own from this collection especially for any type of wedding cards. GMUND colors, system colors, so expressive and bright as only the nature she can create is the GMUND COLOR SYSTEM. 52 fascinating colors make unique the collection from unattainable. There are matte, transparent and shiny shades of each color at a glance. For wedding cards is the color of 49, a bright white with Matt surface of paper and colours 50 and 07 from the brilliant range of Subtle”high demand.

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