Stoull Rapper

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October 21 Kharkov rapper nicknamed Stoull was caught in no adequate state region in the club, the fact is that Stoull was a narcotic substance for heroin to be exact …. Where are rolled into Russian rap is not clear ….. not quite clear why success to the frame which starts its way into hip-hop, drugs, and the answer lies behind the screen of the former Art Director Vladislav Stoulla Stonenko, the fact that Stoull left his Art Director, and that greatly affected the incomes for Vladislav Stonenko, it is clear that Stoull was a gold mine for Vladislav Stonenko, and now when drugs entered the life Stoulla fans will be less and it strengthens the hand Stonenko Vladislav and his new protege to the frame Homa, which was fairly well known but disappeared from our eyes, but it may sneer, the truth is not only skorre who do not know, but in this article we will reveal the secrets of the trio

First Vladislav Stonenko not long ago myself soshol with drugs, and if they then soshol with and knows how podsadit on drugs, it is difficult to say ….. Everyone who is overdue HROM_Beatz? Like if you believe that Stoullu HROM_Beatz is his future bitmeyker type is very talented and all that, we are interested in this dark horse who does not is not known, but it uses a drug? and here we get it’s messy side of the four stories .. I wonder if working with Vladislav HROM_Beatz Stonenko? And maybe Stoulla want to remove from the hip-hop industry? and this trio of zgovore. anything is possible. but that verssiya HROM_Beatz that this dark horse that has not last in this business ……………

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